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  MKS Grip King Pedals


Made in: Japan

product code: PE1

The Grip King is a pedal we designed and MKS (Japan's best pedal maker) agreed to build. It's not our exclusive, just our design. As a reasonable prediction, though, it's unlikely to show up in your local bike shop amid the carbon bikes and lollipop pedals.

The Grip King is designed to be the ultimate-best pedal for riding without toe clips or clicks, and in any shoes from beach thongs to Micky Mouse boots. At least one customer loves it with PowerGrips, so you can do that if you like. We ride ours raw.

Here's why it's so good:
1. Huge surface area, so the load is distributed evenly and lightly over a wider area than it is with almost any other pedal.
2. Super duper grip, related to the surface area and the surface itself.
3. Excellent cornering clearance, because the pedal body doesn't stick out.
4. Light; because it is aluminum.
5. Built-in reflectors, because we know you won't put them on yourself, and at some point you'll find yourself riding in the dark with no lights or any supplementary reflectors. You can remove these if you like, but you still won't look like a pro, so you might as well leave them there.
6. Easily serviceable ball bearing design. They use standard .125" ball bearings.

Grip Kings aren't ten-times better than our other pedals, but the differences and refinements are truly upgrades, although technically hairsplitting ones. If you can spend this much for pedals (in this age of $150 to $350 ones), and you're committed to pedaling without any connection, then go for these. They feel just fantastic under your feet---like nubby, grippy frying pans. (not the hot kind).

If you're just curious about pedaling "free" like this and/or you want something cheaper, go for our MKS Sneaker pedals. It is still our Best Deal Pedal. Not e'en the Grip King will knock it off that exalted throne. Still, the GK is a killer deal.

Sold per pair.

MKS official name: Lambda.

Get'm even grippier with these DIY pedal spikes.
lo-fi pedal comparison video

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Very good pedals March 14, 2015
Reviewer: Mark Holm from Monroeville, PA United States  
I ride in running shoe style sneakers, size 11.  I do not have the spikes installed.  Mostly I ride in dry conditions.  These pedals are comfortable and sufficiently grippy for my purpose.  I never have any foot pain.  I never find my feet sliding around.  In fact, I have to think to lift them slightly if I want to reposition.  The only thing I can think of that could be better is that the cone and cup bearings will need cleaned and regreased every couple years or so.  For slightly more expense, cartridge bearings could probably just be slid in and out, avoiding a mildly messy and fiddly job. A couple years later: Loose bearing pedals make a good introduction to loose bearing maintenance.  Same principles as other bike bearings, but easier to work on.  Maybe cartridge pedal bearings are not such an advantage.   I have had the dust caps out a couple of times without destroying them.  I slide the tip of a utility knife blade between the cap and pedal body and pry.

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Dust caps March 15, 2014
Reviewer: A customer from CA  
Strike One:

By design(?) the dust caps that these came with are destroyed when user removes them to re-grease.

Strike Two:

So I purchased replacement dust caps (product PE91) and the new caps appear to be redesigned. Looks like the dust caps can now be removed without getting destroyed. Great! However, one of of my pedals started sticking shortly after being re-greased. The dust cap had fallen right out. Gone.  

Strike Three:

...Should I wait around for a strike three? I just hope my replacement-replacement dust caps stay in place.

Dont get me wrong, these pedals are a great format otherwise. But these dust caps have been an Achilles heel.

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Nice Pedals September 7, 2013
Reviewer: Angelo from Fremont, NH United States  
Used them today for a 48 mile pavement/gravel ride. Totally satisfied. Never slipped off of them once. Had shoes that were hard rubber and nubby soles. Would recommend them.

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not enough support- believe it or not July 22, 2013
Reviewer: Sal 7 from central NJ  
first off, I bought some extra studs from Riv and added 8 to a side (16 per pedal) to increase the grip- worked great ; however , I always felt that I was "falling off" the pedals to the outside. couldn't figure it out because these pedals have so much surface area . Then I realized that compared to a pedal like the Gripster or the Sneaker pedal there is no "meat" near the axle. The GripKings hourglass shape leaves no support where I need it . I suppose if I pedaled flatfooted with my foot on the whole length of the pedal I wouldn't have the falling off sensation -  but I don't pedal that way . I've owned the Sneaker pedal and my friend has the Gripster. I have ridden clipless for years with all types of standard , somewhat square / rectangular shaped pedals with never the problem I have with these GripKings . Sure wish I didn't give away my Sneaker pedals when I got these . anyway, off to eBay they go - when they sell , I'll be getting a pair of Gripsters ...

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Grip King on Wet rides - 650b - good clearance April 20, 2013
Reviewer: Chris Ashe from Bellevue, WA United States  
These are good pedals but the review about the problems in wet riding does have a point.  I live in Seattle and these pedals do have issues in the wet if you use the wrong type of shoe.  Flat grippy soles work best for me.  Check out the Adidas Terrex Solo.  Those shoes work great for riding and commuting all year round.  Maybe Grant should sell those along with the pedals!?  I also like my old flat touring shoes but those are just about dead now after 20 years!  I think some grip studs in the middle near the spindle would solve this.  Or maybe adding some grip tape?  I like these pedals for my 650b conversion because they have good clearance.  If you don't care about clearance then maybe another pedal would be a better choice.  4 stars because of the possible wet riding concerns otherwise these would get 5.

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