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Shifter Mount - Silver Bar End Pod (each)

Shifter Mount - Silver Bar End Pod (each)

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These are virtual but ethically produced knock-offs of Shimano bar-end shifter pods, and allow you to mount most downtube shifters as bar-end shifters. If you already have Silver1 DT shifters, or SunTour Sprints, or xoxo's, you'll need these to convert them to bar-end shifters. These are neat and smart, and ours alone.

Here's how to use these with our Silver2 shifters

Here is a short video of how we mount them onto a noodle handlebar.

In the old days these would allow you to put most any down tube shifter, but that's not the case anymore. There are ways to monkey with certain parts of the system, washers and spacers from Shimano downtube (dt) shifters and so forth, but it is beyond the scope here to explain the play-by-play solutions, and none are easy. So, get these pods here only if you have down tube shifters that mount onto brazed-on shifter bosses without special spacers specific to that particular model shifter. We have centuries of experience here, but telling us you have a Trek Whatever from the '90s or a SunTour shifter from Whenever doesn't provide sufficient information to determing whether these will work.

- If you have a Campy dt shifter from the '70s, no problem. - If you have a SunTour friction dt shifter from the '70s, PROBABLY no problem.
- If you have SunTour Sprint dt shifters, definitely no-problem.
- If you have Shimano downtube or bar-end shifters then you need to get the Shimano spacers.

But anything else, it's probably not going to work. Silver shifters are better anyway---just get them.

If the shifter mounts onto a steel frame using just that round spacer with the square hole and the bent foot-stop, the aluminum one that virtually all pre-indexed, brazed-on style downtube shifter used, then ok.

They fit in handlebars made to be bar-end compatible. The base of the pods is 19mm, so if the interior diameter of your handlebars is less than that, yer outta luck.

Work on all of our bars except bullmoose and dove.

If you're using these with Silver1 or Silver2 shifters, be sure to match type O to type O, and type X to type X.  In other words, a type X shifter won't go on a type O pod/thumb shifter mount.

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