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Pump - Zefal HPX

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Ordinarily, anybody who'd bet on France to make a better bike widget than Taiwan would have to be, in 2022, insane. (TA cranks may be an exception.) And, a lot of decent frame pumps come out of Taiwan. But this time, France wins. This is best frame pump ever and may be the most functional, durable, bike thing to ever come out of France. It's  been around for more than 34 years, nearly unchanged, and no need to.

It typically goes under the top tube, between the head tube and the seat tube. Can also go in front of the seat tube between the top tube and bottom bracket. Clever people find ways to mount it other places, too, and several RivGuys have their own ways to hold it, which they all prefer to pump pegs. We'll get it together and show a video of that sometime before April 25, 2022.

Order the right size
("Gaps" below refer to the space BETWEEN the tubes.)

No. 2 fits tube gaps 42cm - 46cm
No. 3 fits tube gaps 46cm - 52cm
No. 4 fits tube gaps 51cm - 56cm