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Zefal HPX Frame Pump - BLACK

Zefal HPX Frame Pump - BLACK


The Zefal HPX is the biggest commercial mainstream normal zero-snobbeury bicycle success that has ever come out of France. It has been around for more than 32 years, nearly unchanged. For a short time in the late '90s or early '00s they were unavailable, and that's when we picked up the Topeak, also a fine pump.

In the '70s and '80s if you raced you used a Silca frame pump, at about 7oz; and if you rode mountain bikes or toured, you got a Zefal HPX (this one). The Silcas were good and could last a decade and came in lots of colors, but the better pump was always the HPX. They were used harder and more often and lasted longer. They could be abused (run over by a bike) or misused (a friend with a jerky action once broke my Silca in half on his first stroke), and you'd see HPX's so old and beat up that they couldn't possible still work, except they did.

They weigh 2 to 2.5 ounces more than a Silca, and back then were always black.

The HPX has been available for several years, is ugly as ever, and every bit as good and long-lasting. But for a while in the early '00s it was unavailable, and then we picked up the Topeak MasterBlaster, also a great pump. It's no better or lighter than the HPX. It looks more lovely (how often do the Taiwanese beat the French in aesthetics?), but the HPX is the real deal, and we're happy to have some again.

HPX Pump Sizing
(Measure the space between the tubes, not the tube length itself.)

No. 2 fits tube gaps 42cm - 46cm
No. 3 fits tube gaps 46cm - 52cm
No. 4 fits tube gaps 50cm - 56cm

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