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Yehuda Moon Comix

Yehuda Moon Comix


We've had a couple of these comic books floating around the office for years and recently I took one home as light BART reading. I ended up not being able to put it down til I had finished the whole volume. They detail the life of Yehuda moon, super bike advocate and diehard commuter, and the shop he works for, The Kickstand Cyclery.

These comics would be funny if you'd never ridden a bike in your life, but if you're a bike person you'll find them hilariously relatable, especially if you've ever worked for a bike shop. Yehuda's inner monologue often mirrors my own thoughts  exactly, and it's funny to see them in print. It's obvious Rick and Brian ride a lot.

The illustrations are wonderful, the characters are well-rounded, (the interactions between Joe the racer and Yehuda the Riv-ish rider are so spot on!) and they'll make great gifts. There is an overarching story, but you don't have to read them in order to get whats going on. Volume one was out of stock, but we'll have it eventually. Start with any one of them, or get a couple. If you want to get kids reading, there's nothing better than a comic strip. The short sentences, illustrations and punchline will keep them going like nothing else.

FYI Yehuda's Coventry bike is based off a Rivendell Saluki.


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