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WoolyWarm SweaterVest

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It's a stretchy, huggy, torso-warm made of 100 percent Cheviot wool from sheep that live in the Scottish highlands. There's nothing mild or mainstream about it, and no bullshit. It's a wonderful addition to the pile of clothes you wear. When your torso is warm and you've got something on your head, you'll survive. For a bike rider, hiker, any outdoor use, this will be one of your favorite and most useful, most worn, garments. Our first 100 sold out in TEN HOURS, and some of that was sleepy-time. This is our final run for the forseeable future. We're not a clothing company, but we try to get a few thing in that are special, and this is one of those.

It’s made just for us in England, of 100 percent cheviot sheeps wool, except for the label (U.S.A.) and buttons (Italy or Brooklyn). Kind of a mottled gray with a hint of green, in a lighter-than-usual knit we had to ask for specially, and it took about six months to get.

Vertically ribbed for maximum horizontal stretching. It hugs you gently, not a wrinkle in a hundred miles.

Cheviot wool is tough, thicker, scratchier than merino. It’s more durable, too. You can’t wear this bad boy next to your skin, and my wife can’t even wear it over a t-shirt, but basically—98 percent of the world can easily wear this over a base layer. If you’re super sensitive, you should know that by now, and just don’t get it. If you’re in the 98 percentile, no problem.

Lowish collar leaves room for a scarf or merino wool neck gaiter, which we always stock in the winter. It also allows for a button-down shirt below it.

 Three four-hole buttons and red thread, as it our standard.

SIZING: Order your size in a men's cotton T-shirt. These vests expand a lot, so this is one of those rare circumstances where, if you're in-btw sizes, you can safely go DOWN.  If you have returned more than three garments to anybody in the last year, probably don't order.  We expect to run out. 

Washing: Cool or warm water, gentle. We have special wool soap, but there's no need to namby-pamby this. Wash it in whatever and after spinning, let it air dry overnight. Heat and agitation "shrink" wool by giving the natural scales on it an opportunity to catch on themselves, and as the agitation continues, the fibers "ratchet" into a tight coil. You might want to keep that in mind before washing it hot with your front-line worker clothing and tossing it into a hot dryer.


Ignore the sleeve length in the following chart, but everything else applies.