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WoolyWarm Seven-button cardigan - Final Sale

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The problem with most cardigans is the buttons don’t go high enough and the V at the top makes you look like Bing Crosby in the early ’70s, and sucks all the heat from your chest.

This sweater, knit of 100 percent cheviot sheep’s wool, puts those to shame. The up-and-down (vertical) rib hugs bodies thin and thick, and the weave is loose enough to exercise in without sweating up a storm. Down to the low 40s you can wear it over a thinner wool base layer. Below that, you might want a shell on top - or, if it’s not sleeting on you, another layer of wool, like a woven shirt or our High-neck long-sleeved T. It has a high-ish neck to make up for however much wind might sneak between the Made in Brooklyn buttons. Many 21st century humans aren’t bold enough to wear a full-button cardigan sweater made with cheviot wool. That’s why we have the world exclusive.

Sizing: These are a little looser than the last batch. I'd size them by length and not by chest since the vertical ribs will expand a lot, unless you're really broad in the chest. Don't dry them in a machine. Here's a sizing chart: