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William and Ringo Sweater

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William and Ringo WoolyWarm Sweater 

British-made, indoor sales-meeting-weight dressy-like sweaters of 100 percent merino wool, PERFECT for riding. Almost all such sweaters are made in ye olde farre east. This bad boy comes out of the land o’ Shakespeare, The Beatles, and those rowdy soccer fans.
Heavier than our Australian woolies, much lighter than the British heavies. Good for layering or as a top-mount, depending. Probably not the bee’s knees base layer, but over a wool or cotton t-shirt, or one of our sleevless woolies—my god, the world shall be your oyster when the temp's between 45 and 70. Plus, you can wear it on a date, if you ever get any of those, or anywhere in town without embarrassing your spouse or partner.
It’s not bespoke for us, which is our usual MO. This time we went stock, right off the peg, because there was nothing to improve on or tweak.
Fit: “English snug and natty.” They call it normal; we say buy your normal men's tee-shirt size. Wash cool, dry it on a towel on the floor, or lay it on your bike’s basket.