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Wiggy's Mummy sleeping bag

Wiggy's Mummy sleeping bag

back by popular demand

Wiggy's Mummy sleeping bag*
Machine washable (cool to warm) and dryable (low heat, k?)
Fits riders (!) to 6'3". Right or Left side zipper, No. 10 YKK tooth.

Please note - Sleeping bags, like underwear, are not returnable. Thank you for understanding.

Shopping for a made-in-this-country sleeping bag steers you in two directions. Wonderfully luxurious down bags starting near $300 and worth it, made by Western Mountaineering in California, or Feathered Friends in Seattle; or to Wiggy's, in Colorado, where the bags are filled with Lamilite synthetic, arguably the best of the synthetics (Wiggy himself strongly argues that).

Wiggy bags are extremely well made, no-nonsense, no frills bags that wouldn't score high on a spreadsheet of features, but work well for sleeping outside, or in tents.

It's a wide mummy bag with a long right-hand or left-hand double-slider YKK #10 tooth zipper, and weighs a hair over two pounds. It's good for when the nights don't get much below 45-degrees, although there's room for extra clothes in there, and tents warm things up about ten degrees, and a vapor barrier liner (more on this later) adds another 15 degrees. So the bag-tent-vbl system will take you below freezing, and that's plenty for a lightweight bag named after the desert.

This bag is ideal for bike touring. It's tough, machine washable and dryable, packs small (comes with a 14" x 17" stuffsack), and basically, you get this bag, and you've got your summer bag for years to come. Wiggy's offers a lifetime guarantee, but that shouldn't be a selling point. It's a good bag, it's made in Colorado, it's small, light enough, machine washable and dryable for heaven's sake, and it's a great value at way less than $200.

Wiggy's supplies bags to the military. The bags are built to last, and they work well. I've owned a Wiggy for years.

You should get our made in the Bay Area Vapor Barrior Liner for this (or any) bag. It'll add 15 degrees to any bag, and although a VBL is intended for winter camping, supersavvysleepers have used them for year-round camping as part of superlight set-ups for years. If you're chilly without one, you'll be toasty with.

Shockingly, oddly, amazingly, but whatever--Wiggy himself says it's OK to wash and dry this bag after every use. We'd say, how filthy are you? And don't do THAT. But Wiggy says no biggie. I'll wash mine every 20 uses or so.

HEY: If you get two of these bags, one right zip and one left zip, you can zip them together and spoon with a friend.

Oops, Wiggy is sometimes out of the coyote brown. Thanks for being brown or gray nylon color friendly.

---****** NOTE - THIS BAG IS NEITHER THE WIGGY'S SUMMER OR DESERT BAG. It's a bag made just for Riv by Wiggy's that has some features of both their summer bag and desert bag. Specifications subject to change without notice.---**


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