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If you clicked on this item to find out about it, you either are fatter than you want to be or know somebody who is, and this book will knock you out of the park. If you're fine now but fear the future, no need to be afraid when you've got this book in your bandolier. Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, is the most concentrated, clear, concise, convincing case for changing whatever you're doing now that isn't working fantastically for you that you'll ever read. It will also enrage you if you think you know it all already, and find its heretical claims threatening, which you surely will.

If what to do (about weight gain and fat) were obvious, the book wouldn't need to have been written, because it would be common knowledge. But it's far from obvious but no less real for being that way.

If what you're doing now is working super for you, you don't need to read it.

If you're emotionally, religiously, or otherwise locked in to your current ways and aren't going to change them no matter what and are just looking for an argument, save your loot then, too.

Get it only if you're tired of the fight, no matter how successful you may be; or have given up the fight, but have one last try in you.

It's an easy read. Taubes's earlier book on basically the same subject, Good Calories, Bad Calories, is 468 pages not including notes and bibliography, a fantastic monster that many people don't have time for. In it he cites study after study to prove his case, to nip arguments in the bud, to make scientistic types happy with his rigorousness. If you're interested in this stuff---food, health, real and botchy science--then you'll find it fascinating. But enough people didn't read it, and the need for the information remained, so Taubes distilled it into Why We Get Fat. If you read, say at least four books a year, you'll read this one in a week. If you read 12 books a year, you'll read it in two days. Twenty books a year: a day. If you want the info but don't like to read, go to YouTube and search "Gary Taubes Rivendell" and watch about ten 12-minute segments of much of the same info that's in the book. But really---you should get the book. It will change things for you.

Well, I've said it before and again here it is: You should buy from the introducer, and if you weren't aware of this book until now, or what you read here persuades you to get it, then buy it from us. We'll make it easy. Get a load of this:

We sell it for . If you order more than , you get free freight, which then beats Amazon's price. If you're in California, there's sales tax to pay, too. Let's keep this in perspective:

--First, we try to offer good things at fair prices, and some of the good things include things that you can't bolt onto a bike frame or wear. This is one of those.

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--Fourth, there's no way the meager profit we'll make on this book is going to make us or break us, and we're not after that. We just want to get this book in the hands of those who are interested in it.

--Fifth, and this may be a biggie: If you buy this book from us, read it within a month, and find that you didn't learn anything new and didn't get anything out of it, we'll triple your money back in credit. You send the book back to us, you pay the return freight, and we'll give you $26 in store credit. That is how sure we are (I am/Grant) that you'll like the book and be glad you read it.

Here's something from Taubes's blog. It spills some of the beans, not all, and if you can get through this, you'll blast through the book:


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