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Peace Wheel Tee - Light Blue

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Here we are again, crossing over the line of good taste into the world of international controversy: A bicycle wheel peace sign shirt, which we call

The Peace Wheel shirt for short. It is all cotton, has genuine peace sign proportions, and is sends out an inoffensive message to the world.

Seven dollars from each shirt go to a local poc who works in a grocery store and whose dream is to get a down payment on a house so he and five family members can live there. I believe in him, I’ve given him a decent amount myself, it’s not a con, but it’s not the kind of thing you can write off on your taxes, and he has no idea anything is coming. We’ll match your $7, so—you get a groovy Peace Wheel Shirt and he gets $14. That will put him over the top two years sooner than he’d be able to working alone. We'll report if it works. Yes, a crazy idea, but by modern T-shirt standards this is more than a $25 shirt, anyway, so it's no like you're paying more for it just because it helps this person.

The SMALLS are on the small size. If you wear a small sometimes and a medium sometimes, grab a medium in this bad boy. The other sizes are normal.