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Water Bottle of the Immortals

Water Bottle of the Immortals

The latest water bottle news says that this kind, out of polypropylene, will kill you less fast and maybe not at all compared to the LDPE-4 that's used in normal water bottles...which, by the way, is rumored to be better for you than Nalgene, which for years was the King's Choice. These can't be screen printed, and they don't squeeze as easily as the normal kind, but the Live Forever feature makes up for that, and even if you don't care to live that long, you'll at least like that they don't make the water taste like plastic. Plus, the Clear ones are exceptionally clear. Note: these have been selling like hot cakes and the vendor for them is having a hard time keeping them in stock (the Clear ones especially). So we'll get what we can get from them and if that means Translucent Smoky or Translucent Blue instead of Clear then that's the way it goes. It's not like the Smoky or Blue look terrible and in any case a Smoky or Blue bottle is better than no bottle at all. Sorry no color choice. 18 ounce capacity.

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