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Tool - KTC Tire Levers

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KTC Tire Levers, a 2-pack

 Made in Japan by Kyoto Tool Company, which our sources tell us makes Shimano’s best ultra-pro Dura-Ace tools. Not that these are metal. They’re plastic, but presumably Dura-Ace quality plastic, and for a paltry $20 they’re yours. Twenty dollars is a lot for tire levers, but they're Will's favorites because they're thick enough that they'd be tough to snap even on a super tight tire, they're really easy to hook onto spokes, and they have a kinda-handy 10mm wrench molded in.

 How can we make it easy to buy a $20 set of two tire levers? Here’s the plan:  We’ll throw in a Made in France Rema patch kit for free AND we’ll donate the whole $20 to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. That should do it.