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Thinny Riding Gloves - Fake Leather, Grey

Thinny Riding Gloves - Fake Leather, Grey

Thinny riding gloves - FAKE LEATHER, GREY

It's a hand physiological fact -- you can look it up -- that relying on gloves to protect hand nerves is just as effective as putting on false eyelashes to keep your cheeks dry when it's raining. There are so many better ways to go about that. In the past we've had lightly padded gloves, but these new unpadded ones are less of a handful, and allow a thinner, crisper grip.

The backs are crocheted cotton, as ever, and they close with velcro, as usual and as only makes sense.

But we have two materials now: Goat (instead of cow); and Fake leather (instead of animal). They're both really good, The goat has to be tougher, but in a skidding crash they'll both protect your hands, and in the meantime, they're both thin. They also both seem to wash well, although the fake leather ones have a slight edge here.

Sizing: These are from a new maker, and the sizing is fairly normal now. If your hand looks like a catcher's mitt with boiled wieners sticking out of it, get 2XL. If your hand is normal, you can also get 2XL because fingertip dexterity isn't an issue, and a slightlyer looser fit makes removal easier

If your hand is medium, get the Large. This is easy, isn't it?

And if your hand is smallish, get the medium. In bike gloves, when in doubt, go UP.

The goats have a goat on the wrist, and are banana-tan.
The fake leathers are grey and have a bicycle on the wrist.

These are the nicest non-competition-style cycling gloves you'll find.

NOTE: Whether goat or fake, if they last a year, that’s great. They’re cheap, they protect your hands, soak up sweat, and are not a precious, multi-year investment.

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