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When you get right down to it, everybody you see and know at work or play, on the street or in the stores or back in the boonies just wants to be healthy and fit enough to do stuff without pain or too much effort, and to look halfway healthy when we're just hanging out. Guys want other guys to envy them, and women to think, "not bad, if things were different, sure." Women probably want some variation of that. No? I don't know, but no offense.... Most of all, nobody wants to struggle at the kinds of physical effort that let you have fun and get out in the world, and even avoid some of the avoidable diseases and complications of aging. The ways to go about that vary, and most of them are bee S. They survive because your expectations are low and the advice isn't totally worthless, and when you embark on the program, the changes are noticeable, barely, and that's enough to keep you from feeling fraudulated. But you're still not where you want to be, and you still believe getting there takes more time than you have and more misery than you're willing to tolerate, or can tolerate. So, you tell yourself, "I have other priorities," which may be true, probably is true, but still --- wouldn't it be nice . . . ? Mark Sisson, who has been interviewed and mentioned several times in recent issues of the Rivendell Reader, has written a book that blows Jupiter-sized holes in most of the diet-and-exercise programs out there, and maybe all of the ones you've tried. He's not a clever guy with a wacky idea, or a wacky guy with a clever one. His approach is well-grounded in science, and you can read the same stuff in an assortment of other books, and sites. What he has done in The Primal Blueprint, is combine all the good information from scientists and science writers (Taubes, DeVaney, Eades, Cordain) who focus on human metabolism, paleoanthropology, and fitness and exercise physiology into one dense, super readable, clear-as-a-bell book. His program is easy. You hardly have to sweat. It makes sense because it is based entirely on how we've evolved. It's simple to understand and easy to do, and you'll be thrilled with the information and results. Naturally, you should follow it 100 percent but naturally you won't. No matter --- you'll at least know what's going on, and you'll be way better off in a month than you are now. The cover price is $13.99. Amazon sells it for about $12. We buy it for $10 and we'll sell it for $13 because it's a book I/Grant want to get out there. If you're a vegetarian, you may not totally love the advice you get here, but you'll still benefit, and will figure a way to make it work for you. If, on the other hand, you deprive yourself of meat because you've swallowed the tofu bullet, then you may be back onto cow, fish, and fowl before you know it.

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