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The Epidemic

The Epidemic

This is our second biggest-selling book, a solid guide that tells you how to raise kind, strong, peer-pressure resistant children in a society whose values seem to conspire against it. The author has a family therapy practice, and is smart on top of that. He doesn't pull punches or soft-pedal, and leaves nothing to interpretation.

He doesn't recommend you try this, and if that doesn't work, try this other thing. If you like that "modify it for me and my sensitivities" approach, this is not your book. He writes declaritively, and his message sinks in---just as you'd want them to when the stakes are so high. He offers not a menu of options that maybe kinda halfway work in some instances, but the way that always works.

If you're a parent, gonna be one, or know somebody who is one, this book is the best thing you or they can read. It came out in 2004 or so, and received great reviews right off the bat, but in a vast ocean of child care and parenting books, nothing stays in the spotlight for long, and so this one might not occur to you as you're out there looking for a good one.
If you can't afford the $11, we'll give it to you free.

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