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The "Doc" Steve Custom Special 60.5cm

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Steve ____________ ordered this bike in 1999, a custom “sport-touring”-like bike for road riding without gear most of the time and with gear some of the time.  When he couldn’t ride anymore he sold it, and we bought it from the buyer at a cheap price, with the idea to sell it like we’re trying to do here.

 It is a classic Custom Rivendell, built by Joe Starck and painted by Joe Bell.

We replaced the fork with a new one, length and rake, made by Steve Rex, painted to match by Rick Stefani.

 I think of it as a “Rivendell before I/Grant went crazy” bike, meaning the chainstays are long, but not by current standard, and the top tube slopes up only a couple of degrees.  The rider wanted tires to 32mm with fenders and this bike fits maybe up to 35mm without. It depends on the 35.

 Tubing is all heat treated CrMo, probably a mix of Reynolds and maybe Italian stuff. Rear dropouts are forged Italian,  our design. The new front dropouts are our current two-eye style, investment cast.

 Rear spacing is 130. Hubs are Phil, rear hub is freewheel style. Rear derailer is a ’91 or so XT, crank is a TA modern, BB is Phil, 175mm TA crank with 52 x 48 x 32? Rings, MKS quill pedals. Shifters are SunTour bar-ends, friction with index, but probably wont index the Shimano 6sp 13 x 32 freewheel.

Listen, this is a dynamite gorgeous bike that probably isn’t set up ideally for you, because it was made for “Doc Steve.”

 We’ll sell it AS IS with your choice of bar tape and we’ll put new cable and gray housing on it, for $2200.

 For $2500 we’ll swap the chainrings to something more useful, like 44x34x24; and change the bars and stems to something that suits you more. We’ll put on your kinda shifters (we’ll suggest something), and give you fresh platform pedals.

 I would (personally) suggest you ride this bike with fatter tires, even if that means no fenders. Don’t make it your rain bike.

 If you want Shimano V brakes or another cantilever (it has Dia Compe #986 now), we’ll do that, too, and make sure the brake levers are compatible. At most it’ll cost you $2,700, like if you go high-zoot on the brakes and levers.


It says “Doc” Steve on the seat tube. The quote make us doubt, but I remember when he ordered the bike. I wasn’t thrilled with the name, but he wanted it. If you are a doctor and your name is Steve and you can prove both, you get $150 discount.

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