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Tektro "Mountain" brake levers

Tektro "Mountain" brake levers


We discovered these levers about a year and a half ago in 2012 and thought, “how dare Tektro make a brake lever that good without letting us horn in on the credit.” Good looks in a brake lever isn’t Job #1, but since they have a high-vis place on the bike and you see them all the time it’s nice.

Ironically, they’re made specifically for Shimano STI mountain shifters, something about allowing them to scoot in closer and take up less bar. That is fine, but has nothing to do with why we like them. Brian here pointed out that they’re easy to squeeze semi-road lever style, on the upper part of the lever below the body. I’ve found the same, but it’s easy to overharp on a secret detail like that. Mainly, they work just fine, and when they work just fine AND look so good, they’re winners here.

They use road brake cables, No pro or con to that. They’re all silver: Slight good there. And here’s where we feel ashamed or disingenuous: They way a scant 4.8oz per pair. To find grammage, multiply by 28.35.

Compatible with cantilevers and sidepulls and centerpulls only; no V.



Simple and pretty Tektro all silver brake levers. Great for every and anything, just as long as the bars aren't Moustache or Drop shape style. Two finger length.

They use ROAD BRAKE CABLE HEAD. Full baggie of cables and housing and ferrules sold separately.

For use only with canti or sidepull brakes. Sorry, NO alternate cable pull option for linear/V brake.

Clamp diameter is 22.2mm like all other Mt. bike type brake levers. Will NOT work on Moustache bars or Drop bars since those have a 23.8mm brake clamp diameter. This is not to be confused with stem clamp diameter which is a totally different thing.

Sold per pair.

Tektro model name FL540. All satin silver -- a Riverdale exclusive.

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