Tektro CR720 Cantilever Brakes




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This is as good as "high profile" cantilever brakes get. "High profile" means the arms stick out straight and are more likely to jab you or get kicked on quick dismounts. On top of that, high profile cantilevers require a higher straddle wire hanger.

For all of those reasons---jabbing/getting kicked/lousy fit on small bikes---they went extinct about fifteen years ago.

But now they've made a comeback, and there's a reason for that. High Profile cantilevers feel better. To most people and us included, they have a subjective quality of positiveness and crispiness that is lacking in other designs, and you get a small good gush every time you apply them, and brakes get applied a lot.

In other matters not related to the great feel, these are also top-notch. They are cold-forged, light and strong, have good pads, the World's Best straddle wire hanger, and easy-to-use independent spring adjustment on both sides. They set up easily as cantilevers go, and have a lustrous soft silver finish that looks good on any bike for many years.

One bikes worth.

Buy the 54mm length yoko replacement insert pads after you've done a lot of riding, I mean braking. Note: these brakes used to come with the longer 73mm pads so be sure and check what's on your bike before ordering new pads.
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