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Tektro Brake RL720 Interrupteur Levers

Tektro Brake RL720 Interrupteur Levers

Interrupter levers were developed for cyclo-cross racers, but are one of the few racer-inspired bike parts that work for almost anybody. They're also called "top-mount brake levers," because they go onto the top of drop bars, giving you a higher position to brake from.

They're a good idea, really smart, but if you're a dedicated handlebar-bag user, you might want to reconsider. They will work with the bags, but the bags tend to interfere just enough to bug folks who are easily bugged.

A really neat combo, though, is these with thumb-shifters mounted on the tops of drop bars.

Made in Taiwan by Tektro.

Note: NOT compatible with V-brakes.

Clamp diameter is 24.0mm, for use on drop type style bars. Will Not work on Mt. bike or Albatross or Dove style bars since those have a 22.2mm brake clamp diameter. This is not to be confused with stem clamp diameter which is a totally different thing.

Sold per pair.

Sun Chase from Rivendell Bicycle Works on Vimeo.

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