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SunRace V brake levers

SunRace V brake levers

SunRace V-Levers

SunRace has been under your radar, but they have a way of nailing things here and there that’s totally worthy of your personal fanfare. These levers are a good example. There’s nothing revolutionary about them, or even unique, but in the small world of V-brake mountain levers, they rise to the top because of their combination of shape, looks, barrel adjuster, and clamp-bolt head.
If you don’t need the reach adjuster, please throw it out. All mountain lever makers include it so they don’t get accused of not addressing the needs of the small-handed, but it’s a rare adult who needs to shorten the reach, and by removing the threaded screw that does that, you get rid of a thing that eventually will poke your finger soooo unnecessarily.
We recommend you get a pair of these for future use, even if you don’t have a need now. Limited to three per household. Seriously good and cheap levers.

For use only with linear pull/V brake. Sorry, these do not have an alternate cable pull option for canti or sidepull brakes.

Clamp diameter is 22.2mm like all other Mt. bike type brake levers. Will NOT work on Moustache bars or Drop bars since those have a 23.8mm brake clamp diameter. This is not to be confused with stem clamp diameter which is a totally different thing.

Sold per pair.

All silver - light metallic sparkly silver body with polished aluminum lever -- a Riverdale exclusive.

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