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Summer Gloves

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Traditional gloves, wonderfully logo-less, with leather palms and crocheted cotton backs. The only concession to modernity is a welcome one: The cotton terry nosewiper thumback. 

These are made where most gloves are made these days--in Pakistan. As gloves go, they're just fine, and the best lookers around. Washable* in the machine, then air dry.

If you like your gloves to be really easy to take off, almost 3/4 length cut off fingers and super loose then:

Medium - If you don't like your gloves so baggy and your palm measures about 8" (20cm) around.
XL - is for medium hands.
3XL - is for medium to medium-big hands.

That's just how it is. In doubt? Buy big. Looseness just makes them easier to take off, and doesn't hurt anything in use.

*NOTE: Wash with dark colors in the machine, or on their own in a pale.