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spring 2017, summer gloves - back by popular demand...

Traditional gloves, wonderfully logo-less, with leather palms and crocheted cotton backs. The only concession to modernity is a welcome one: The cotton terry nosewiper thumback. 

These are made where most gloves are made these days--in Pakistan. As gloves go, they're just fine, and the best lookers around. Washable* in the machine, then air dry.

If you like your gloves to be really easy to take off, almost 3/4 length cut off fingers and super loose then:

Med - If you don't like your gloves so baggy and your palm measures about 8" (20cm) around.
XL - is for med hands.
3XL - is for med to med-big hands.

That's just how it is. In doubt? Buy big. Looseness just makes them easier to take off, and doesn't hurt anything in use.

*NOTE: Wash with dark colors; weird yellowish dye may seep out a bit during washing, sorry.

NOW (October 29, 2014, 11:11am), New and Improved!! New, better leather that no longer seeps yellow stain whenever you sweat and put 'em in the wash. But, just in case, we still recommend that you only wash with dark colors.

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