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Stem - Nitto Fillet FacePlater - 225mm Quill - 25.4 (CR60-3F)

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Note: These FIllet FacePlater stems will not be re-stocked.  If we're out of the size you need, get a Jim stem or TIG 25.4 Faceplater instead.


This is the variety with a 25.4mm clamp and they're for 1 inch steerers, just like all our other quill stems. These have the same long quill as our Tallux and Dirt drop stems but use a faceplate, so you can take bars on and off more easily.

There's four lengths: 60, 85, 110, and 135cm but because the stem has a slight upward angle, the extension is a little shorter, namely: 49, 74, 99, and 124mm.

This is as good as stems get, and since it's one of the bike parts you'll look at the most often (ideally), It makes sense to go fancy. Actually $148 for a stem fillet brazed in Tokyo by the handlebar/stem experts is a screaming deal.

Tighten each M5 bolt 4 to 6 newton meters for a safe fit.

Here's a $30 tool for that.

If you're unsure about which length to get, feel free to call us, we may be able to help.


min insertion line to the top of the quill - 16cm

angle of extension - 100 degrees