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Stein-for-RIV Headset Press

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This is the simplest, best-made headset press in the world. Fits one-inch and inch-and-an-eighth headsets. If those numbers mean nothing to you, you might not be ready for this tool. If you need to press in headsets of anyother size, get another tool.

It's made in Arizona by Jim Stein. It was made at our request, based on the press we've used for 25 years, that we got used (made by a friend of Jim Stein), and this one's even better. 

It costs $118 but will save you $25+ every time you don't have to pay a shop to press in a headset. If you do a lot of that or a little...if you're a bike person and kind of a DIY-er, it'll pay for itself.

Max headtube length is 230mm.