Squeezable RVNDL BCYCL WRKS dark brown Logo, clear waterbottle, white cap




Product Details

Squeezable Specialized Purist waterbottles. Made in California of food-safe LDPE # 4, BPA-free plastic which won’t leach into liquid. Soft rubbery MoFlo cap is leak proof, easy to open and won't hurt your teeth.

Huge 26 ounce capacity with a big opening for easier filling and washing. But please please please do not scrub these bottles to wash, rinsing is all they need. Scrubbing the bottles will scratch the lining and allow the bottle pores to open back up (i.e. making the bottle susceptible to staining, retaining smell, mold - all the things that the bottle was meant to protect against). There really should be no need for scrubbing the bottle.

To care for the bottle all you need to do is rinse it out with warm water and maybe a little soap; it's even dishwasher safe on the top shelf. If it's cared for in the proper way the bottles should last for quite a long time.

Always and only clear bottles, but the cap and Riv logo colors vary from time to time. Please No Color Requests. If You Request A Specific Color, Your Entire Order Will Take Longer To Process And We May Be Out Of The Color Bottle You Need Anyway. If you're not willing to accept a mystery color bottle than it's probably best not to order this bottle. Thank You.
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