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Soma New Xpress 650B x 38 (34.71) express - TERRACOTTA tread

Soma New Xpress 650B x 38 (34.71) express - TERRACOTTA tread

Soma Xpress 650B x 38 (34.71) TERRACOTTA tread, beige sidewall

Here's a new 650B tire, adding to the already decent-sized mix out there. By our standards, which favor chubby tires, it's more of a road tire than a road-and-trail tire--since it's called a 38, but actually measures a bit under that.

Here's what's bad about it:


Here's what's good about it:

-- It folds, so is ideal as a take-on-a-tour backup tire.

-- It is super strong, thanks to a yellow layer of kevlar that covers the entire sidewall. You won't likely get a slash cut or a blowout. I/Grant am big on strong sidewalls, and I realy like this one a lot.

-- The tread is just what you want in a tread for wet-and-dry riding. It is theoretically perfect. Somebody thought about it too much.

For all-around road riding, it's a great choice. I rode this tire for two months before we got it in, and I like it a lot.

Specs for techies

Weight: 410g
Width: At least 34.5mm. At most, 39mm. Depends on rim, age, pressure.
Diameter: 660mm (radius is 330mm)

Comparisons for the curious:

It's about the same height-volume as a Panaracer Col de le Vie, but is lighter and tougher. It's 2mm smaller in diameter than a Fatty Rumpkin (which measures 40mm or so). And it's 3mm skinnier and 115g or so heavier than the Fatter-Lighter Pacenti Pari-Moto. It's a 2mm skinnier and 265gr or so lighter than a Schwalbe Marathon.

They're all good tires, but this one here....certainly a front-runner for road riding. Whoever thought there'd be too many choices in 650B?

Made in Japan by Panaracer for Soma.

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