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SKS/ESGE LongBoard Fender P45

SKS/ESGE LongBoard Fender P45



SKS Longboard P45

The current best SKS fender are no less excellent than they've always been, but the Longboards are longer, so they're slightly better. Mark and Jay here had a lot of input on them over several months and prototypes, and came up with their dream fenders, and these are them, and they seem to be perfect. You will never suffer a rain or blast through a puddle and wish for any more coverage, any different detail.

We've heard they'll come in lots of colors, and we've seen most of those, but we're picking the silvers and creams, since those look good on any bike. These are our favorite fenders of any and they come with flexy, fantastic mudflaps.

All the SKS Chromoplast fenders we sell are now this LongBoard style. Only available in one size for now, the P45, which fits 650B and 700c wheels up to 45mm wide mediumish fat tires. This P45 also works on 26" wheeled bikes, for super duper coverage, but you'll need to take off the long front fender flap or swap it out with the shorty flap.

If the stays that come with these fenders aren't long enough for your bike (unusual), then get the longer stay fender hardware kit here.

Comparison specs Longboard (LB) vs the regular (REG) SKS fenders on a 650B Sam Hillborne with 38mm tires.

Rear fender ground clearance:
LB 8" vs REG 13"

Front fender ground clearance (more ground clearance = wetter feet):
LB 1-1/2" vs REG 8"

Top of front wheel coverage (more coverage = less face spray):
LB 9-1/2" vs REG 7-1/2"

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