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Silver Rear Hub - 135mm, 36 hole

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These are getting rare nowadays - It's a cold forged, rim brake, QR hub for 135mm rear wheels.  We don't have front Silver hubs, so these are a great choice if you want to use a dynamo in the front.

These hubs have 6 pawls for quick engagement and have a steel axle with a freehub body that's easy to disassemble for bearing replacement. They're fairly quiet too - not silent like Deore rears, but they don't scream "fancy bike comin thru!" like other hubs out there. 

Rich has vetted these and trusts them absolutely. We've been building these into wheels for Riv builds for a couple years now but this is the first time they're available by themselves.  If you want one of these built into a wheel, contact

10/11 Speed cassette body


Pertinent wheel building info:

OLD: 135mm
Left (non-drive) flange diameter: 40mm.

Flange-to-center distance: 34mm

Right (drive) flange diameter: 52mm.

Flange-to-center distance: 19mm