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Shutter Precision PV-8 Dynamo (SP dyno) Hub 32h, silver

Shutter Precision PV-8 Dynamo (SP dyno) Hub 32h, silver

Achtung! This is the page for the 32H version.

Great competitive dyno hub at a very impressive price. Research all you want, it punches above it's weight, at a price near the bottom of the field.

Shutter Precision is an old camera shutter manufacturer. They've moved into dynos, giving the field a run for its money, licensing them to various brands. We've spared it, and leave them marked "SP." But don't be suprised if "CLEM SMITH JR" winds up on the next batch.

It's light, It's efficient & carries a great track record. Admittedly not as "nice" as Supernova or Schmidt, it WORKS great. But it's still great.

Specs for the SV8 say the output is 2.4watts for 26"/700c & 3watts for 20" wheel. Comprehensive in-house testing proves it work great on 700c wheels. Riding a 29er up a dirt pitch? Your light might flicker. It doesn't put out enough for a halogen light, but who uses them anyways? Works fine with our LED dyno lights. The only real downside is that 2.4 watts output rules out USB charging. If you're not doing the long-distance unsupported bikepacker thing, you'll be fine.
We're now selling the (PV) 26"/650B/700c version so you get full 3w output and can also do the usb charge thing and power a rear light no prob, yay!

As far as we know you can't get non-disc silver ones easily in the US, cept from us.

Rich can build this hub into a wheel if you'd like. Just ask.

375grams / 6v 3w / 32h

Lots of info here;

Skewer not included but you've prob got one or a few extra floating around your parts bin.

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