Seat Pouch or TrunkSack Small rain cover




Product Details

If you're out on a ride and get caught in a rain storm, don't freak out and think all the stuff in one of our tweedy or cottony bags will get soaked. While the tweed and cotton duck fabrics are really fancy looking, they're also made for the outdoors and they can handle getting wet without acting like a sieve. Main places of seeping in is at the zipper or flaps and even then only a teeny bit of water gets in that way. That said, if you know you'll be getting wet, doesn't hurt to have one of these anyways.

This one is made for our small saddle bags like the Seat Pouch, old Banana Bag but it'll probably work on lots of other brands' little seat bags.


Also works really well coverin' up TrunkSack Small (aka lil' loafer) bags. But please tape up the seat pouch strap cover "holes" so that water doesn't trickle in that way.

Made out of nylon coated with some type of water proofing stuff.

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