Schwalbe Little Big Ben - LITTLE BROWN, KevlarGuard, Active line, Wire bead, HS439 - 700c x 38 (40-622, 28x1.5) - 10132




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Note: Besides the neat Brownish Reddish color, this is a slightly heavier and even cheaper version of the Black little big ben. It's got the same great-for-everything meaty tread, same reflective strip. The Brownish Reddish color also happens to be a fun and exact matchy match with Brooks Honey and dirtied Select saddles.

This smaller version of Big Ben is appropriately called Little Big Ben. Same as the Big in every way except smaller. And cheaper.

It’s a Schwalbe, so you know it’s stout and good. It comes in the sizes we like. But the main thing is the tread. It’s a roughier version of the Big Apple tread, with deeper lugs with grainier tops. When we got the samples, we were all agog, because we all had the same ridiculous reaction: This tire is Perfect. It’s obviously the Perfect tire. Why do we even sell anything else?

We sell other tires because we got ‘em. Certain tires are better for certain things. It is hard to beat a Jack Brown for an all-around road-only tire (and Mark rides it off-road, too). Plus, the Big Ben isn’t available in all sizes. There’s no 650B, which is a killer bummer, but maybe that’ll change. Update: 650B Big Ben coming Nov 2013 yay! We expect there to be a shortage, not because everybody’s going to start buying these all of a sudden, but because Schwalbe sometimes runs out of the tires we stock.

They measure about 36.5mm at 70 lbs of pressure on 21mm wide rims.

Wire bead, KevlarGuard puncture protection, 695 grams.

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