Schwalbe Big Ben wire, RaceGuard Performance line, HS439 - 26 x 2.15, 55-559




Product Details

Big Ben
26" x 2.15", 55-559 - 760g, 30-50 psi

Our favorite all-around tire for all-around riding. Stout, puncture resistant, good grip in a huge range of conditions, and it always mounts round and runs true.

We sell other tires because we got ‘em. Certain tires are better for certain things. It is hard to beat a Jack Brown for an all-around road-only tire (and Mark rides it off-road, too). Plus, the Big Ben isn’t available in all sizes.

The 700c x 40 is called a Little Ben. Same tire, diff size.

Your choice of either 700c x 50, 700c x 55 or 26" x 2.15". Wire bead, RaceGuard puncture protection.

The 700c x 55 and 26" x 2.15" actually measure about 52.5 mm on a 21mm rim (see pic below). The real measurement of 700c x 50 BB is about 45 mm.

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