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Sam Hillborne - Orange 55cm Choco-Bar Deluxe

Sam Hillborne - Orange 55cm Choco-Bar Deluxe

$2,977.00 $3,082.00

This bike was built up for a customer who wasn't able to get it in the end. It's brand-new and ready to ship out! It's a complete 55cm Sam Choco-Bar build decked out with fenders, front and rear racks — get it all and save on labor for fenders and racks ($105).

Sam Hillborne Choco-bar Complete Build $2,600
Miesha's Portuguese Cork Grips $25
SKS P45 silver fenders $45
Nitto R-14 Top Rack $144
Nitto Mark's Rack M1 $140

PBH Range: 83-87cm

Bike Shipping:
*Your order will default to $170 and we will refund you the difference when applicable
$120 to California
$155 West of the Mississippi
$170 East of the Mississippi*

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