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Sackville SaddleSack Large - GREY

Sackville SaddleSack Large - GREY


Sackville SaddleSack Large - Grey

****The new, non-leather bag-bottoms on the SaddleSack M & L

And it looks so cool, and ages so well (to a point). Starving men have been known to gnaw it. Whether it comes from cow, pig, goat, elk, sheep, kangaroo, buffalo, or alligator, leather is a multipurpose magical material.
So whenever a thing of leather turns to a thing of non-leather, any sane non-vegan’s first reaction is going to be “Foul! Cheaper! More profitable! How dare they?! I won’t be fooled!”

All appropriate responses when the things are shoes, baseball gloves, belts, and lots of sporting gear. Leather, as low-tech and prehistoric as it is, really is the best for certain things. Duly noted. However…
The new waxed cotton and nylon underbellies of the 2016 model SaddleSack M and L are an upgrade. That’s not to say the leather didn’t work great. My leather bellies have worked well for a decade…for the most part. I tore out a strap slot on two, and stretched out three or four to just below the tear point. Minor---it doesn’t bug ME, but it’s the kind of thing Joe Blow will return a bad for after 8 years and cry “Defective!”
And although there’s nothing defective about it, we looked at how to make a Better Bottom, and the solution was simple and not at all innovative: Substitute an extra layer of Scottish waxed cotton for the leather, and ladder-stitch strips of military-spec nylon for versatile, easy to use attachements to the rack.

Will the leather ever wear out? Practically, no. When it’s not on a rack, it just rubs on air. It defines overkill to the point of defining insanity. When it is on a rack, it’s not like it’s rubbing a lot, and racks are smooth, so it won’t wear through. Strap it down, and there’s no rubbing at all.
Waterproofness: It’s not even an issue under there unless you don’t have a fender, and if you don’t have a fender you can’t even begin to pretend to care about keeping water off of anything. But not to evade the question: The new fabric bottom is MORE waterproof than the leather. It absorbs less water. It weathers everything better and it doesn’t, as leather does, serve as chewing material for woodsy rodents.
All of our new bottoms are, on purpose, a color that contrasts with the main bag color. To keep it fun!

Our new Sackville series bags are as fine as saddlebags get. The Britamerican materials (including waxed and waterproof cotton duck),the Connecticut craftsmanship, the California design, the melted thread-ends, and the total absence of any cost-cutting measures add up to bags that cost us a mint to make, are worth three mints, but cost you only a mint and a half. They're over-the-top good and a joy to use.They load and unload easier than any saddlebags we've used; they're more secure; they're more handsome.

They are the result of 20 years of nearly daily saddlebag use, for every purpose imaginable, and extensive (and expensive) experience with every top brand made here or anywhere else. There are many fine bags around. None this good.

Not bulged (imagine): 1700 cubic inches, or 27.8 liters (the British way)
Bulged but not ridiculous: 1984 cubic inches, or 32.5 liters
The pocket adds about 50 cubic inches, or .82 liters

Partly loaded. Stuff on the ground fit in too: Small melon, large grapefruit, 4 pears, bag-o-flax chips, pound-o-grapes, 7 big oranges, 6 avocados, tub-o-hummus, tub-o-sushi, 2 burritos, 2 bags pita chips, 12 apples, bag of carrots, 30 tangerines, 3 choco-bars. Fit in fine.

This LARGE SaddleSack is the most capacious, easiest-to-load/unload saddlebag we've ever offered. It's big enough to require a rack or some kind of under-support, but it holds a massive heap of anything. Ideal for camping, commuting, shopping. Combined with a bag or basket up front, it's great for ultralight week-long tours.

On the country side, you can force in a tent, sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries, and small stove and kitchen.

On the city side, a laptop, books and files up the wazoo, and shoes and clothing loosely packed.

On the shopping side, stacks of binders, and armfuls of cauliflower, or a Thanksgiving dinner for four, turkey included. (One of the photos shows what Jay here recently picked up on a shopping run for lunch and snacks here.)
Yet it's light, and never in the way even empty.

Two large, zippered side pockets are easy to get at while riding. Another two zipper pockets face the rider (you), and are perfect for cell phones, small cameras, sandwiches, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, and notepads.

The removable flaptop pocket is good for anything you want to take with you while you lock your bike outside the store. You can rig up your own shoulder strapa spare shoelace will do, but in keeping with the quality of the bag, make it a superfine shoelace.

The bottom leather strip has four sets of parallel slots that let you zip-tie it to a rack. These slots are easily accessed, and stabilize the back no matter what's in it. You can use one set on each side and that'll be fine, but using all four makes it as unbudgeable as a nearly buried boulder.

In the interest of overkill, the rider-side patch has a slot that fits the R14 Top rack perfectly. It'll work fine with a Mark's rack, too.

The bottom stiffener is USA-made Corroplast. It's featherweight, waterproof, velcro'd in place so it's removable, and it's white, so when you're down to one layer it's easy to see stuff against it. This corrugated plastic the only cheapish thing about the bag, but Corroplast has been around forever, and plastic tho-it-may-be, it's perfect for this task. Long live Corroplast! (it will).

Approximately 17.25" wide, 8.5" tall and 13" deep.

If this bag is too big for you, look at the MEDIUM SaddleSack.

New for 2015, solid Grey fabric, not to be confused with the no longer made Grey Grid fabric.

*We shouldn't have to say this, but please don't put waxed cotton bags into a washing machine -- especially not hot wash!

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