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Rosco Road DEMO - Green 55.5cm

Rosco Road DEMO - Green 55.5cm


Get a great deal on the demo. We can rewrap the bars if you want, just buy two rolls of tape and leave a note. Shipping is $170.

Rosco Bubbe ROAD-FATTY 55.5cm

SIZE: 55.5cm*
It's a "road" because it's easily drop-bar compatible--the top tube is shorter than we'd do if you were going to put a BOSCO or CHOCO on it. Albatross, OK. But if you have never had a drop bar bike and you're curious, or if you shun all non-drop bar bikes, this is a great way to spoil yourself, because it rides as well as any drop bar bike can ride. It's totally delightful, serious.

*Please note the 55.5cm Rosco Bubbe Road geo differs in many ways from the the Waterford 55.5 Rosco Bubbe*

BEST PBH range: 84-87.5cm
MINIMAL TIRE: 700x28, but holy smokes—bring it up to a 700x33 Jack Brown (or even 700x40 as seen in photos) and max out at 700x42.
STANDOVER NOTE: The 83 cm shown with 700x39 (Conti SpeedRides, say 700x42, measure between 700x38-41 depending on the rim).

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