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Rosco Road Frameset - Bronze 53cm

Rosco Road Frameset - Bronze 53cm


Rosco Bubbe ROAD-FATTY 53cm

SIZE: 53cm
It's a "road" because it's easily drop-bar compatible--the top tube is shorter than we'd do if you were going to put a BOSCO or CHOCO on it. Albatross, OK. But if you have never had a drop bar bike and you're curious, or if you shun all non-drop bar bikes, this is a great way to spoil yourself, because it rides as well as any drop bar bike can ride. It's totally delightful, serious.

BEST PBH range: 79-83.5cm
MINIMAL TIRE: 700x28, but holy smokes—bring it up to a 700x33 Jack Brown (or even 700x38 [measuring ~700x36] as seen in photos) and max out at 700x40.
STANDOVER NOTE: The 78 cm shown with ~700x36 tires.

**last photo of demo shown here with a left over raw fork (this sample's was lost in the mail). Yours will come with the painted fork seen in the frameset photos

Frameset Shipping (always ground and not eligible for free shipping):
$60 to California
$69 West of the Mississippi
$79 East of the Mississippi

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