Rivendell Fork Crown Pocket Tee




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 New for Fall: Ash with Navy ink. Black is almost out of stock.

100% cotton pocket tee with our RC-06 crown printed on the back.

The shirts are Gildans, which are the most normal fitting ones we've found. They aren't beefy tees, but they aren't what Grant calls a "hipster cut" either, meaning the neckhole isn't loose and the sleeves aren't tight. I'm sure almost everybody reading this has had a Gildan tee before. You should know your Gildan size as well as you know your PBH!

We're all wearing unwashed shirts in the photos. They should be a bit baggy unwashed and will shrink to fit when you dry them on hot. Will (6'2 in the center) and Roman (5'10 to Will's right) both wear larges. Corey (6'2 on the far right) likes his shirts slimmer and shorter so he wears a medium. Jenny (5'9 on the far left) wears a medium.  Mark (5'8 and second to left) is wearing a medium and Dave (5'10 and next to Mark) is wearing a large.

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