R&M Light Mount




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The picture shows a Schmidt E6 light on the R&M light mount. Riese und Müller of Germany make this practical, sturdy mount for clearing up handlebar real estate and getting the light up high above your front load. Handlebar mounting makes a lot of sense for headlights. You can easily turn it on and off, point it up or down or change "modes" if your light has modes (like Bright for the woods and Low for the city) without sticking your fingers near the spokes. Also if you tend to overload a front basket you need the light beam to clear it. Works for clamps up to 26.0. In fact, works perfect on 26.0 clamps, and that includes our drops and Moustache bars. Your light has to have a properly sized hole (M6 is the Euro standard for fork mount brackets which this is designed to replace). Our Luxos and the Schmidt lights for example. Eighteen bucks sounds like a lot for a mount but this one's good. Use the included rubber gasket or cotton bar tape to line the handlebar, because if you over-tighten on a too-narrow handlebar you can strip the nut. You know that.

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