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Quick-Glo rust remover/metal polisher for bike parts and pots & pans

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Louisianan Rust-and-Scorch mark remover & metal polisher
It's kind of magic. It has been used on bikes and kitchen pans for 40+ years. Always have some around. It's a father-daughter operation in Louisiana. 8oz tub.

And now, a message from the manufacturer:

Quick-Glo was originally invented as a rust remover/metal polish. The original formula works great on hard surfaces such as; Chrome, Brass, sinks and where heavy oxidation or rust is present. Quick-Glo has pumice as the abrasive; so instead of sand or other harsh medium pumice breaks down during the cleaning process to smaller and smaller sizes to gently allow for the polishing phase during the cleaning application. If you're not sure you should first apply Quick-Glo in a small out of the way spot to see how it works. Start with a small amount the size of a dime and rub gently in a circular motion. The oxidation will quickly disappear. If you’re happy with the results wipe off the excess and your done. If there are small scratches present continue rubbing until your rag turns black, if the scratches are gone great, if not add a drop of water and rub a little longer. If you are working on a soft metal, silver, copper, use the finer formula of Quick-Glo to start with and it should save you some time. Because you are applying wax during the cleaning process always wipe with a clean soft cloth when you finish rubbing to remove all excess wax. Quick-Glo is not recommended for painted surfaces or polished plastics and polycarbonates like headlight covers, Contact with these surfaces will not harm them but repeated rubbing can leave scratches. Quick-Glo is water based so at any time water will remove any dried on Quick-Glo, warm water works faster. Keep the lid closed tight when not in use and store in a cool dry place. If exposed to heat, just set in Sun above 90 degrees for ten minutes shake well to evenly distribute contents and let cool inside below 75 degrees. You may need to shake again after several minutes before final solidification.