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SKS Mini Pump

We were selling a French-made Zefal, but then it went to China, and the boss sez we can’t sell anything made in China, for some reason, and so we went searching for another fine mini, and came up with this one, made in Germany, by SKS.

We like SKS everything already. Our favorite fenders are SKS, for instance. SKS has been around since the caveman, it seems, and the Germans are no stupes, so you can bet an SKS-designed and made mini-pump is not gointo suck eggs. We tested it before buying it, and liked the following things about it:

• it’s small enough to fit into a jersey pocket or Small TrunkSack or ToolWrap
• it telescopes, for a longer, less frustrating stroke
• it has a comfortable ergo T-handle for easy pumping
• it comes fitted for Schraeder valves (boo!) but converts to Presta in a jiffy (yay!)

No mini pump works as well as a normal, but this one….really good.

Length: 164mm (6-1/2") compressed
Weight: 103 grams

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