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Pump for Pletscher Clem Rack

Pump for Pletscher Clem Rack

Basic, plastic German SKS Rookie pump that's a perfect fit for the Clem Rack.

In fact it's the only pump in the world that is a compression spring fit between the tiny pump pegs of the Clem Rack.

Ready to go for Presta butt can be easily converted for Schraeder valves by switching the internal valve parts around.

Pumps up to about 87.3968201 psi.

Length - 225mm (8-7/8") compressed, 254mm (10") uncompressed
Clem Rack pump pegs - 236mm (9-1/4") apart

Note - there are several versions of SKS Rookie pump out there at varying price points. They're not all the same. There are like at least six different lengths and most are not "compression fitting" like this one.

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