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Princeton Tec Vizz headlamp

Made in the USA.

It works fine for lighted night riding and great for reading and stumbling around camp. Two decades ago it would've been the bee's knees for riding on unlit roads, but the lighting bar is so high now that it's merely good enough—although, gotta say, you should ALWAYS have one with you, because you might need to aim light around a 180-degree turn, or seach for the thing that clanged off your bike or out of your saddlebag onto the road, you're going to want a headlight. Otherwise you'll be the sad sack there with your $300 dyno-system that you can't just pick up and point, because it's fixed onto your bike so slickly.

This is the best all-around headlight I/Grant have used. You can use it on white and shoot to the front, or on the back of your head and shoot red. If you have two VIZZ lights, you can wear them both on the same band and cover front and rear.

3.25 ounces. Runs almost four days on low setting (good enough most of the time).

Uses three AAA bats. (included, and not cheapies, they're Duracells).

The VIZZ has the annoying feature of too many modes, but that's just par for the course these days.

Astronomers understand and utilize the advantages of the Red LED option that this headlamp has, and you should too. You won't disturb your fellow camper at night, bugs aren't as attracted to Red LED's so they won't fly into your face. Cat's won't be bothered either. That's the short whywelikeredlight answer. Here is the long one


420 lumens

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