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Powdercoated small HubbuHubbuH frame - Orange

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This is a production frame we had powdercoated orange - nobody here remembers why, but it's just like the other ones except the decals are top mount and so less durable. They'll crack over time, but it'll still look great and it's a good way to save $300 on a frame. This'll fit PBHs 80 to 88cm and the stoker's fit will be determined by the captain's saddle height. Call us if you're not sure it'll work. They fit best with the shorter person on the back.


The photo isn't the actual frame because it's still in a box and unbuilt. but it's a good representation of what the frame looks like. Just to be clear though - It's $1,700 for the frameset - we can build it up for you but we can't ship complete tandems so you'll have to pick it up locally.