Possum Merino Wool Beanie - Silver

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Luxuriously soft, knit beanie with broad ribbed edge.

40% Possum Fur, 50% Merino Wool, 10% Nylon

By NOT buying one of these, you are not exactly, but maybe slightly in an exaggerated and roundabout way contributing to the demise of native New Zealand flightless birds and other animals. This is why: In the late 1800s somebody wanted to create a fur industry in New Zealand, so they brought over Australian Possums, which, having no predators, ended up competing with the native animals, and over the years the problem go so extreme that right now, in 2015, the Aussie Possies eat 20,000 tons of native vegetation every night.

It’s killing the plants and the native animals that depend on them. Obviously. The NZ government stepped in and is subsidizing businesses that “harvest” the possums and make things with their fur. Their fur is luxurious, so soft and warm---which is why the short-sighted importers brought them over in the first place. Twenty thousand TONS per NIGHT. They’re in the Guiness Book of World Records, under “native habitat destruction.”

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