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New Zealand Thick Possum-Wool Tubes (for necks and ears)

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These turn any shirt into a turtleneck and double as topless hats or reinforcements for any beanie or ballcap you might be wearing that isn't keeping you warm enough. Super versatile. Eventually, you'll want a few.

One size fits everybody, and if you wash and dry hot it’s be kind of tight, but in a pinch it’ll still be a godsend.

 Two variants

Cable-pattern pumpkin, (red-orange, not like any pumpkin we’ve seen)

Ribbed black

Limited time Bonus just for you: Since they’re reversible, each one you buy is like getting two.



Every night, imported and now invasive Australian opposums eat 20 tons of native New Zealand forest, and gobble up flightless birds and bird eggs as they go. The NZ gov’t and people in general are sick of it but used to it. It’s amazing that the whole country doesn’t look like a golf course. The possums multiply fast and have no predators. Ugly scene, fascinating but no fun to talk about, but sometimes you just need to know.


As a way to kill off the bad possums, the NZ gov’t encourages and helps subsidizes businesses that make things out of possum wool. These NW Woolies (a blend of merino, possum, and nylon (“for strength”) came of that plan, and us importing them and you buying them greases the skids.