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Pletscher Clem Rack

Pletscher Clem Rack


Please note: The Pletscher is aluminum, so it lacks the elasticity that allows you to spread apart a CrMo rack. If it's spread too much when installing, it's likely to snap the lobe that holds the riveted strut. The rack is super tough vertically, but not laterally. This isn't a bad thing, it's just a characteristic of aluminum. If the struts are too far inboard, move them to the outside of the mounting lobe.

The second set of photos (indoor photos) shows the new improved mounting struts that are included.

Note: the bolt-on pannier rails, taillight bracket and optional pump are sold separately.

We've sold Pletscher mousetrap-style racks for years, so when they approached us to make our own custom rack we yipped and jumped and bumped our heads on the ceiling, cuz what we now have here is a beefed up version of the Pletscher Athlete rack we sold forever but with features:

  • Bigger longer platform
  • Silver finish
  • Tapped for adding optional taillight bracket (sold separately)
  • Mini-pump peg (pump sold separately)
  • Tapped for adding pannier rails (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Pletscher's baby seats, baskets and other quick-release accessories.
  • Struts (included) are the same diameter and interchangeable with the Nitto struts and very adjustable for a level fit on many wheelsizes
You don't need those extra accessories to get a bargain out of this rack. As is, it should be your first choice in a not-Nitto carrier. If you're going for the pinnacle of handmade rack beauty, go Nitto all the way. Want something down-and-dirty and beautiful in an industrial design sort of way? Forget anything without a mousetrap. There is beauty in it's modularity and the efficiency of the Swiss production.

This is a versatile rack. Have you ever been riding and taken off your jacket and had no way of carrying it? Most racks require a secondary security device (a bungee cord). The spring loaded mousetrap on the Clem rack is a catchall. You can hold swim trunks and a pair of goggles, a pair of golf shoes, a purse, a briefcase, a basketball, a u-lock. All with no straps or bungees or nets or baskets. It's a stupendous saddlebag support. Even without the optional rails, it holds most panniers no problem. The rails are good if you plan to use panniers often.


  • Weighs a scant 1.85lbs with hardware
  • 100% recyclable aloominiyum
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Primo stainless hardware
  • EN approved to 25kg (55lbs)
  • slightly glittery sparkle-jet silver finish

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