Platypus: Pride O' the Cosmos Short Sleeve
Platypus: Pride O' the Cosmos Short Sleeve
Platypus: Pride O' the Cosmos Short Sleeve

Platypus: Pride O' the Cosmos Short Sleeve

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Same as our other shirts except with a redesigned back for the upcoming Platypus frames. Will (6'2) in the photos is wearing a medium but will buy a large because these shirts shrink in hot dryers.

Printed in San Francisco with special ink that feels soft to the touch after washing and doesn't crack like printed shirts did in the 90s. The sleeves are a normal length, not Beefy-Tee long, but not Urban Outfitters short either. The pocket is a good size and won't stretch out and become too flappy. They're black with white printing. The perfect shirt for lovers of monotremes and outer space.


Behind the scenes

The challenge was to create one of the Top Five tee-shirts in the cosmos; to make you inspire wonder as you push a cart around Trader Joe’s; and make it relevant to Rivendell. The platypus was a no-brainer, since we have a new bike of that name coming late Fall.

The slogan was harder. One of the early candidates was “Puts ye olde kangaroo to shame,” but while that’s true, we didn’t want to tick off the kangaroo people. We have enough people mad at us already, thanks,

The Animal of All Time is something an ancient flabbergasted biologist said about the beast, once he realized it was a real animal (after seeing stuffed platypuses and thinking it was taxidermy trickery). It has been re-quoted in at least two books on the platypus, but this is a tee-shirt first.

Pride O’ the Cosmos is obviously true, seemed to compliment The Animal of All Time, and brought astrophysics into it.

The platypus lives only in eastern Australia and Tasmania, and the Australian government regards it as a national treasure and protects it. But the modern world has started to encroach, and they're getting get snagged and killed in a fish trap that is illegal in most states, but not all. So, it warrants ramped-up conservation efforts. Once gone, there’s never going to be another animal like it.

Here's the group you donate to every time you buy a shirt. If it's not a link, cut and paste, or just google Australian Platypus Conservancy.

 Our cost: $20

Your cost: $30

What about the $10 difference? $6 of that to the Australian Platypus Conservancy, and we laugh all the way to the bank with our $4.