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Phil "Rivy" Hub

Phil "Rivy" Hub


Phil makes these hubs just for us. Like the hubs of the Eisenhower-thru-Carter administrations, they have radiused ovals machined in the flanges to cut the weight a bit, but mostly for looks. In any case, they're still Phils, and these days that means not only the best multi-speed freewheel hubs made, but as far as we know, the only. We stock two versions for the rear--32H and 36H, in a 135mm spacing, for 7sp freewheels. Symmetrical flange diameters ensure equal spoke length on either side (for you tourists!). In fact, with 7sp spacing it's only 99 percent dishless, but if you think the 1 percent difference amounts to doesn't. You can put a 6-speed fw on this, and you'll just have a bit of a gap between the outer/small cog and the dropout. But since that small cog is set more inboard than the small cog on a 7-speeder, you don't have to follow the rule that says not to use the small rear cog with-for-instance the inner chainring. The matching front hubs have the same flange diameter as the rear, so -- one spoke length all the way around (again for you tourists!). Also in 32h and 36h, with beefed-up bearings and bomb-proof axle. Sealed, easily replaced bearings, unbustable axles, unbeatable.


The rear is also available in 130mm spacing but by special order only (contact

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