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Pedaling a bicycle is political because transportation infrastructure is all pro-car. It's been that way since 1956.

We can't save the earth by pedaling. It's too late for that. But we can get around without contributing to the destruction, right? That is political, because politics created the problem.

Ride when it makes sense, or when it's a slight hassle or inconvenience. There's only so much you can fight. Riding a bicycle is one of the most beautiful and peaceful and helpful and harmless things any of us can do. 

Three times the proceeds (all sales) go to the California Coalition of Women Prisoners. When you buy a button, we give them $12. When you buy a sticker, they get $6. These women are in jail and serving long, even life sentences, for protecting themselves from abusive partners and other "crimes" that richer women with more expensive lawyers and better connections would have gotten them reduced sentences, monitoring, or "off with awarning." We hope to send them $10,000 this year, and this is why we want you to buy these stickers and buttons.