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Paul Racer Centerpull Brakeset - 15135

Paul Racer Centerpull Brakeset - 15135

Paul Price of Chico, California is a rider-machinist who makes fine and expensive bike parts, and he's really come through with this set of centerpull brakes.

They're designed for tires between 32mm and 44mm wide, and have ideal clearances and details. Each arm adjusts independently, which itself is no great shakes, but the neat thing is, you can tailor the spring tension light or stiff, as you like.

He based his design on the Dia-Compe, which is a great place to start, because that's one great brake. But then he made minor changes here and there to optimize everything, and the result is one hellatiously fantastic brake.

It's not cheap, but neither is dinner for two and a movie afterwards. If you can handle the initial sticker shock and accept that super fine American-made goods are worth ponying up for, you'll be delighted with these.

Make sure your bike has the right clearances for them. They're good for the A. Homer Hilsen of ours.

Priced per set. Usually you see these priced per wheel, but you need two, so we sell them as a pair.

57-70mm brake reach.

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