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Panaracer Pasela PT Wire 650B x 42 tire, blackwall

Panaracer Pasela PT Wire 650B x 42 tire, blackwall

For someone, somewhere, this could be a dream-tire come true: a 650b x 42mm Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard with black sidewalls. Whether you've been dreaming about it or not, this tire is a welcome addition to the slowly-growing pile of ~40mm 650b tires. Not a ballet slipper, not an Enduro tread, but falling in between as a durable, light-enough, comfortable, all-arounder tire (the hang tag says "Urban Commuter Tire.") The black sidewalls lend durability and longevity that the old tan-wall Pasela never quite had.

At ~48 PSI, mounted on a 24mm-wide rim, it measures out at 41.5mm. Weight is 520 grams.

This tire is also available as a folder.

If you need super heavy duty toughness, for rougher trails or unsupported tours, get the Forcefield Fatty Rumpkin.

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